Head of the ITER Physics Department

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Head of the ITER Physics Department

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Title of the Position: Head of the ITER Physics Department

The ITER Physics (IPH) activity is strongly focused on achieving the milestones defined in the EU roadmap for developing fusion energy. Out of the 8 Missions defined in the EU roadmap, IPH primarily deals with Missions 1, 2 and 8, which aim at resolving key scientific issues for ITER, DEMO and fusion Power Plant.

The IPH Department supports the Programme Manager in the implementation of the European fusion physics Roadmap for the 13 Work Packages: JET Campaigns (JET1), Medium Sized Tokamak Campaigns (MST1) and Support Activities (MST2) , JET Plasma-Facing Components (JET2), Technological Exploitation of DT Operation (JET3), JET Enhancements (JET4), Plasma-Facing Components Test Facility Work (PFC), Assessment of New Divertor Concepts (DTT1), Preparation for the Exploitation of JT-60SA (SA), Code Development (CD), Hardware and Software Integrated Support Activities (ISA), and the W7-X Stellarator Campaigns (S1) and Stellarator Optimisation (S2).


The post holder will be expected to assume responsibility for the management of the activities in the ITER Physics Department at the EUROfusion Programme Management Unit:

Elaboration, execution, report on the deliverables of the EUROfusion Work programme for the ITER physics Department. As supporting ITER is one of the prime motivator of the IPH work programme, direct links with the ITER Organisation (IO) are essential. As such, he/she shall ensure that IO are properly involved in the planning, execution and exploitation of the IPH programme while addressing scientific  issued  raised  and  requested  by  the  EU-DEMO  design  team  (EUROfusion  PPPT department).

Supervision of the ITER Physics Department budget (allocation, monitoring) in collaboration with the Administration Department

Definition and supervision of the EUROfusion Task Agreements concerning all activities within the ITER Physics Department;

Coordination of the activities of the EUROfusion Task Forces and Projects in the field of ITER Physics, of the HPC Implementing Agreement and of the preparation to the EU participation to the activities  presently  being  developed  under  the  Broader  Approach  (JT60-SA  and  the  IFERC computer);

Responsible for co-ordination of the EU voluntary physics R&D in support of ITER through the International Tokamak Physics Activity (ITPA); He/she will be one of three EU member of the ITPA Coordinating Committee (ITPA-CC).

For these activities he/she is assisted by a Deputy Head of Department based at the PMU/Garching and a team of Responsible Officers based both on the Culham and Garching EUROfusion sites.

Qualifications/ Competencies

Extensive  experience  in  fusion  physics,  particularly  in  relation  to  issues  concerning  integrated tokamak modelling;

Extensive knowledge of issues relating to the development and operation of tokamak devices, plasma diagnostics and heating and current drive systems;

Ability to lead international collaborations and research programmes, co-ordinate international teams of scientists, define and manage contracts on behalf of EUROfusion, organise scientific conferences and workshops;

Broad knowledge of policy issues related to EU and international fusion programmes;

Extensive experience in management and supervision of scientific research staff;

Good working knowledge of English;

Ability to work in an international team;

Experience in management;

Interpersonal skills to help resolve difficult issues when they arise

The Head of the ITER Physics Department will work in Culham, United Kingdom, and will report to the EUROfusion Programme Manager. He/she is directly responsible for the coordination of the JET related work packages. He/she works closely with the Deputy Head of the ITER Physics Department who is stationed in Garching. Depending on the future of JET and the involvement of the UK in EUROfusion after 2020, there is a possibility of relocation to Garching after 2020.

Positions as EUROfusion Department Heads are for a period of five years. After five years the position is reopened; present Department Heads can once reapply to their own position.

Date of Job Vacancy: July 1st, 2019

Application deadline: January 21st, 2019

CONTACT:  Tony Donné (Programme Manager) Tel: + 49 (0)89 3299 4201 E-mail: tony.donne@euro-fusion.org