Junior HPC Consultant

Einsatzort: Geneva, Switzerland

Role: Junior HPC Consultant

Number of positions: 1

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Duration: until 31.10.2020, option to extend

Start: November 2018

Workload: 5 days / week

Remote or Onsite: Onsite

Level: Junior

Contract Type: Freelance

Other: Candidates must be eligible to work as a freelancer in Switzerland with all the necessary permits/documentation/visas.

Project Description:


  • deliver 2 years on site support to operate the customer’s HPC team (HPE SGI Appollo 8600, DDN storage, IME DDN, Mellanox IB).

Searched profile/skills:

  • HPC system (required)
  • MPI (required)
  • Slurm (required)
  • Ensuring the operational quality for the HPC system (fixing problems as they emerge, updating our compute images to meet software needs, ensuring system security by monitoring its health, utilization, reporting the utilization
  • Solving and debugging the complex HPC software issues as they emerge: MPI, parallel file system performance, profiling
  • Optimizing the Slurm scheduler when necessary: ensuring efficient use of the compute cluster and storage
  • Participating in the development of Client’s HPC software stacks to allow e.g. distributed job scheduling (scheduling & metascheduling) and API based compute usage
  • Participating in the commissioning work for Phase 2

Languages: Fluent English

Deadline: 31st October 2018

Tagwords: HPC, MPI, Slurm

Contact: connect.europe@mindteck.com